Night of the Ghoul #1

A father and son drive down a road surrounded by graves on both sides. The son isn't as excited about their little adventure as the dad. They arrive at a rest home where they are greeted by two individuals who tell him he has only twenty minutes with Mr. Patrick. The father, Forest, walks towards the back of the building to a room where Mr. Patrick is in a hospital bed. His skin looks dull and burned. Mr. Patrick turns out to be T.F. Merritt, the director of the lost classic Night of the Ghoul. A film about a monster called the Ghoul set in 1917 at the height of World War I. Forest says the Ghoul is the "true monster" as he created the viruses responsible for the creation of vampires, zombies, and werewolves. Forest was only able to watch bits of the film since it was supposed to have been destroyed. An avid fan, Forest asks him more about the film. Merritt responds by telling Forest that the Ghoul is in the same building as them; and that by morning it will be released and kill them. Because of this, he'll tell Forest the whole story. The issue ends with a spider-looking creature taking a soldier in the movie.

Ratings are out of 4

Art: 3

Coolness: 3

Story: 3

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