The All Nighter #1

The All Nighter is the only diner in town that is open for 24 hours. There are only four employees, but that's just fine, considering they're all vampires. The comic focuses on Alex and his need to get out and do more than just flip burgers. After all, he has all of the powers and abilities associated with being a vampire, such as immortality, super strength, super senses, super speed, etc. One night while on a rooftop pondering his options, Alex overhears a scuffle from the alley below. He quickly jumps down from the rooftop and does what vampires do best, kick major ass. Alex begins the slaughter by picking one of the thieves up by one arm and throwing them thirty yards for a touchdown. He then does origami on the next guy to make sure he never plays with knives again. But most impressively, he goes for a running wall to face kick maneuver for the extra point. 7 Vampires 0 Punks. Later on, Alex begins fighting higher-level crime and we finally see that Alex is in fact not unstoppable. Joy is able to rescue Alex and quickly dissuades him from further crime-fighting. The two walk back to the diner where we are introduced to a character who claims to be a vampire by the name of Frankenstein.

Ratings are out of 4

Art: 3

Coolness: 3

Story: 2

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